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X-MEN 50th Anniversary Poster Features Simonson, Lopez, Noto, Madureira, Many More

Earlier today, we showed you a first look at the All-New X-Men #22.NOW   January issue. Now we show you what's packed inside.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men, Marvel Comics commissioned a poster showing a massive variety of characters from virtually every era of Marvel's merry mutants. The poster is not just a who's who of X-Men characters, however; it's also a who's who of artists. Walt Simonson, David Lopez, Art Adams, Nick Bradshaw, Neal Adams, Phil Noto, Chris Bachalo, Whilce Portacio, Salvador Larroca, Stuart Immonen, Joe Madureira, and Clay Mann all drew into this bad boy, blending their unique styles into one glorious mash-up.

Take a look at the poster by clicking the header image above, or if you want to look at a giant version to meticulously analyze every detail, click this link right here for a massive 1500 x 3015 pixel version.

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