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Three Fights At WrestleCon

There were three incidents at WrestleCon in Dallas over WrestleMania 32 weekend.

The first involved former WWE talent & Jerry Lawler’s ex-wife, Stacy “The Kat” Carter, and WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard’s daughter, Tessa Blanchard. It isn’t known what caused the incident but it reportedly had to do with Carter telling Tessa that she was not being respectful. The two nearly got into a fist fight before Ricochet, Tessa’s boyfriend, stepped in.

The second involved Karen Jarrett and Melissa Santos from Lucha Underground. This one started over Santos complaining about not having a chair to sit on, somehow leading to Jarrett spitting on her. The two got into an argument which nearly evolved into a first fight.

The third involved Jeff Jarrett and Brian Knobbs. Apparently Jarrett half-heartedly shoved Knobbs, who lost his balance and fell. The hotel responded to the incident by stationing a security guard in the lobby and putting up a sign about no horseplay.

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