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Mocking white people dining at Cracker Barrel solely for their skin color reflects a growing trend in America

Proving that you can’t fix stupid, social justice warrior Ijeoma Oluo took to Twitter to launch an unprovoked offensive, racist attack on white people.

…because they were eating at a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

“At Cracker Barrel 4 the 1st time. Looking at the sea of white folk in cowboy hats & wondering ‘will they let my black * walk out of here?'” Oluo tweeted.

The tweet is a reflection of a growing trend in America that’s proving to be political acceptable, that being to openly attack white folks for no other reason than the color of their skin.

A stance that find its roots in the tenets of critical race theory, a narrative that points to institutional racism and the myth of “white privilege” to state that all white people are inherently racist — this radical  theory was thrust into the mainstream during the Barack Obama presidency.

And her open hatred of white people — her white mother notwithstanding? — flowed freely.

Removing any doubt that she’s a progressive Democrat, Oluo responded by blocking people.

Ijeoma Oluo needs to be reported and banned on Twitter and Facebook.

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