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Mike Carey Returns to the X for X-Men: No More Humans

Mike Carey is back with the X-Men, but not on any ongoing series. Instead, he's writing Marvel's next original graphic novel, X-Men: No More Humans. Artist Salvador Larroca joins Carey for the 128-page hardcover book due out May 7, 2014.

The story of No More Humans will see the X-Men faced with the strangest dilemma ever for the team: All the humans in the world just up and disappear. While it's not part of an ongoing series, it is part of the current continuity, taking place  p
ost- Battle of the Atom. The story will include characters from both sides of the "Schism," with both young and old Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, and Emma Frost included in the lineup that Carey told is a "dream team." That's not everyone appearing in the book though, as one character that shows up "comes late to the scene but changes everything in a single panel," the writer said.

The moral dilemmas of the X-Men are core to the story, Carey said. "There are times in this story when it seems as though there isn't any right thing to do — and when the different ideals and personalities of the X-Men threaten to split them apart."

No More Humans is also where fans wanting to know more about Raze, Wolverine and Mystique's not-so-nice child from the future, will get some answers. Raze will interact directly with his parents, though Carey deadpans, "It's not a warm and cuddly family dynamic, sadly."

Carey promises while the story will delve into some deep issues of morality and "whether the ends ever entirely justify the means," there will also be plenty of superhero combat in the mix. "We also build up to a battle scene that starts off big and then goes off the scale."

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