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Man Goes Into Hiding Out Of Fear For His Life After Finding A Massive Emerald

While much of our planet has been explored, there are still many more secrets hidden underneath its surface. Fossils and rock formations in particular have fascinated geologists and researchers alike for years.

Even ordinary people will try their hand at mining—and not necessarily for the purpose of research. Precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds can be worth a pretty penny on the market, so it’s no surprise why many people make a beeline for their excavators with the hopes of striking it rich.

Unfortunately for one Brazilian man, his good fortune resulted in a lot of bad luck. He hired a team to help him mine for precious stones, hoping that he would find something of enough value that would take care of his expenses for the next couple of months. What he unearthed instead, however, had him in fear for his very life.

A giant, emerald-studded rock—worth a stunning $304 million—was recently discovered in Brazil by a 50-year-old man who was looking for nothing more than to cover his expenses for a few months. Unfortunately, his incredible find didn’t lead to a life of luxury at all. In fact, the man was forced to go into hiding after news of his discovery broke—and he feared he could be the target of kidnapping, extortion, and even armed robbery.



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