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Galaxy Cat Sculpture 

 Evgeny Hontor is a Russian artist whose interest in fantasy leads to the creation of beautiful, meticulously-crafted creatures. He's been drawing since childhood, sculpting since 2006, and recently completed a new, large-scale project. Called Galaxy Cat, the life-size feline measures 23.6 inches long and 25.6 inches tall. Hontor used velvet clay, acrylic paint, and taxidermy products to form the cat and give it gorgeous, imaginative details.

Galaxy Cat is a combination of realistic features and the originality of the artist. The form and stance are reminiscent of a real cat, and we see it slightly arching its back with a curious look in its eyes. Hontor adds vibrant blues, purples and swirling patterns on the surface of the figure, and it seems to mimic the brilliant hues we see of photos of outerspace.

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