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Court Believed Accuser Without Evidence, Put Innocent Man in Jail for 46 Years

Everyone involved in putting innocent people in jail should be held accountable for their unjust actions. Those in the so-called justice system must be held accountable for their actions.

A man who spent nearly 46 years in prison for a crime he did not commit was released Wednesday — and his experience can serve as a lesson to us all.

Wilbert Jones was arrested at age 19 in the kidnapping and rape of a nurse outside a Baton Rouge hospital in October 1971, NBC News reports.

In 1974, he was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
There was just one problem: He didn’t commit the crime.

According to People, Jones’ case was taken on by the Innocence Project back in 2003, and one of their investigators found a major breakthrough — a serial rapist had committed virtually the exact same crime four weeks later, and no one told Jones’ attorneys.

At the time, the nurse had identified Jones out of a lineup, but claimed that he was shorter than she remembered, and had a different voice, according to People.

How that didn’t change the game right away is beyond me.

The nurse died in 2008, but the nurse’s husband is still living, and even he wasn’t opposed to Jones’ release, according to the U.K Independent.

Jones, who has every right in the world to be a bitter, angry man, remarkably isn’t.

“God is so good,” he said as he left prison Wednesday according to The Associated Press.

“I forgave. I forgive,” he said. “I didn’t have control of it. Why should I worry about it? I’m in charge of myself.”

Primarily, at this point, Jones just wanted some gumbo.

“Some gumbo and some good potato salad and some good dessert,” said Jones of his post-prison plans.

“Enjoy my little life I have left and speak to young kids and tell them to go the right way and not this way.”

You better believe that he’s not the only man who’s been unjustly behind bars this year, either.

Something that’s coming up a lot of late are accusations of sexual misconduct involving high-profile individuals — from Hollywood bigwigs to senatorial candidates — and it’s tricky to know where one should stand.

On one hand, you don’t want to be the guy or girl that doesn’t believe someone who’s been grievously wounded and needs help and justice. No one wants that — it’s awful, and it happens regularly.

On the other hand, however, if we believe every story we’re told without evidence, American society falls apart.

Those can be stories about sexual harassment or anything else, and the principle is the same — no free society can withstand the weight of the accused being assumed guilty until proven innocent.

It is vital for the betterment of our society, our culture, and our nation that we make the right calls when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct.

We cannot be silent when we see injustice, but we cannot be righteously angry every time we simply perceive injustice, and there lies the rub.

Folks, as this trend of accusations continues — and it will continue for some time — put it upon yourself to learn everything you can. Don’t let others do your thinking for you.

And most of all, when it comes to these issues, don’t let partisan lines dictate your feelings. Previously we reported on a liberal columnist who thinks that now’s the time to sweep former President Bill Clinton under the political rug because it costs Democrats nothing to do so.

Don’t be like that. Stand for what is right regardless of the cost.

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