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After Rand Paul’s Health Update, Why Is His Attacker Getting Off So Easy?

Something is fishy. Someone attacks an elected official and gets a slap on the wrist? I guess this means it's okay to do? That's the message this is sending.

I’m going to reiterate here my belief that multiple broken ribs and damaged lungs is not “minor.”

Of course, I’m talking about last week’s attack on Senator Rand Paul, by a lunatic neighbor, as Paul was outside, working on his lawn.

Rene Boucher, 59, was arrested by Kentucky State Police after the incident and charged with a misdemeanor assault.

Earlier today, Senator Paul, who has been in the hospital since Saturday, tweeted out an update on his condition.

Senator Rand Paul ✔ @RandPaul
I appreciate all of the support from everyone. A medical update: final report indicates six broken ribs & new X-ray shows a pleural effusion
3:27 PM - Nov 8, 2017

So not 5 ribs, like what was originally reported, but 6, and those bruised lungs are actually a pleural effusion.

For those that don’t know, a pleural effusion is fluid filling the space around the lungs.
Allegedly, the attack on Paul had nothing to do with politics (Boucher is a registered Democrat), and was thought to be over lawn care, of all the ridiculous things in the world.
Frankly, if somebody can attack someone that viciously over leaves in their yard, they’re capable of more and probably need to be on some kind of watchlist.

And as Senator Paul lies in the hospital, in what you have to know is excruciating pain, Boucher’s attorney is skipping through some kind of fantasy world.

Said the attorney on Monday:
“The unfortunate occurrence of November 3rd has absolutely nothing to do with either’s politics or political agendas. It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial,” said attorney Matthew Baker.

“We sincerely hope that Senator Paul is doing well and that these two gentlemen can get back to being neighbors as quickly as possible.”

Back to being neighbors?

Given the nature of Senator Paul’s injuries, Boucher’s next neighbors need to be the guys in the jail cell next to his.


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